An Australian Fighter Pilot                                                  by Peter R Fitton

The book, Never Been Hit is a story about an Australian fighter pilot, Flying Officer Leslie Theodore Streete.  Les was a country boy from New South Wales.  He transferred from the Australian Infantry Forces to the Royal Australian Air Force in 1943.
The book presents
his journey, from preliminary training at Narromine, an Australian country town, the risky voyage across the Pacific Ocean to Canada, his training at Dunnville and Bagotville in Canada, the voyage across the Atlantic to England and his death-defying operational experience with the RAF in the skies over Germany.

      Les Streete 12-8-1922 to 15-4-2013
Les was posted to  66 Squadron RAF, which was based at Grimbergen in Belgium on the 28 November 1944.  Flying MkXVI Spitfires, Les flew in support of Canadian, British and Allied forces as they routed the Wehrmacht from Belgium and Holland.

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